Shimabara Castle (シマバラジョウ)

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Shimabara Castle was built by Lord Matsukura Shigemasa, and the construction of the castle took seven years to complete (1618 ~ 1624). The castle served as the residence for 19 successive feudal lords from 4 clans (Matsukura, Koriki, Matsudaira and Toda), and it survived the fierce attack of the Shimabara Rebellion (a rebellion against the persecution of Christians). It also withstood a series of earthquakes and a giant tsunami that washed against the foot of the castle during the Shimabara Catastrophe in 1792.

However, during the Meiji Restoration, the castle was deserted and dismantled. The current Shimabara Castle was reconstructed in 1964, and today, many historical artifacts that relate to the Shimabara Rebellion, as well as documents on local history and folklore are on display.


Address 855-0036 長崎県島原市城内1丁目1183-1
TEL 0957-62-4766(株式会社島原観光ビューロー(島原城))
FAX 0957-73-9766
Hours of Operation 9:00~17:30
Price JPY 700

Features by seasons

Each season has its feature with flower blooming.
For both of you've visited before or not, Shimabara Castle will surely attract you by its beauty.

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