Tonoo Market・ Tunnel Yokocho Shopping Street (トノオイチバガイ・トンネルヨコチョウ)

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Tonoo Market has been a popular shopping street among the locals in Sasebo City since the Taisho era (approx. 100 years ago); in fact, it was referred to as the “Kitchen of Sasebo”, and to some, it still is today. The stores at the market sell a wide variety of things including fresh seafood and produce, daily commodities, clothing, and many more.

Located adjacent to Tonoo Market is a place called Tunnel Yokocho Shopping Street. The unique yet fascinating thing about this street is that the stores and restaurants here are established inside the air raid shelters built during WWII. Though it may seem old, this area carries a special atmosphere of the Showa era, and it is still loved by the locals, and also becoming popular among visitors.


Address 長崎県佐世保市戸尾町~松川町
TEL 0956-22-6630(佐世保観光情報センター(JR佐世保駅構内))
Closed 12/29~1/3


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