Unzen Jigoku (Unzen Hell) (ウンゼンジゴク)

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Unzen Jigoku, also known as Unzen Hell, is one of the best places to enjoy natural hot spring in Nagasaki Prefecture. Located inside Unzen National Park, which was designated as Japan’s first national park in 1934, Unzen Hell has been a hot spring resort since the Meiji Period. It was also one of the first tourist resorts that became a well-known summer destination for foreigners. As such, a few western style architectures can still be seen here today.

There are around 30 geothermal fields that pump out natural hot spring from the ground every second. The constant steamy and almost apocalyptic like atmosphere (the smell of sulfur included) creates a hell-like scenery, hence its name - Unzen Hell.

Unzen Hell also has a macabre history as an execution ground for Christian martyrs in the early 1600s during the ban on Christianity in Japan. Christians were heavily tortured in Unzen Hell as a way of forcing them to renounce their faith, and it was said that 33 Christians were martyred in the area between 1627 – 1631. Today, the “Unzen Jigoku Martyrdom Site” located within Unzen Hell is there to commemorate the Christian martyrs who lost their lives during that time.

Take a stroll through Unzen Hell while indulging the smell of sulfur, the surrounding nature sound, and the live motion painting of a steamy apocalyptic setting dotted with hissing fumaroles – all of which is truly an unforgettable experience!


Address 長崎県雲仙市小浜町雲仙
TEL 0957-73-3434(雲仙温泉観光案内所)
Website https://www.unzen.org/e_ver/tourism/spot1.html


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