Classic Spots and Gourmet Food around Nagasaki City – How to Enjoy in Only Autumn and Winter-1

Classic Spots and Gourmet Food around Nagasaki City – How to Enjoy in Only Autumn and Winter

Nagasaki City has been influenced over many years by different cultures. Visit exotic locations around the city and experience seasonal gourmet foods in the autumn and winter seasons!

Recommended for Autumn-Winter! Popular Tourist Spots

Learn about the history of dinosaurs -- Nagasaki City Dinosaur Museum (Nagasaki City)

A museum specializing in dinosaurs located on the Nagasaki Peninsula, where many dinosaur fossils have been discovered. A full-body skeleton replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex with a total length of approximately 13 meters is impressive. Don't miss the open lab where you can see research up close, and see realistic dinosaur robots elsewhere! Also, around January, the nearby “Daffodil Hill” provides a spectacular sight of 10 million daffodils in full bloom covering a hill.

Recommended for Japan’s traditional new year shrine visit! Suwa Shrine (Nagasaki City)

Suwa Shrine is home to a guardian deity beloved by the local population. Nagasaki Kunchi, a gorgeous and exotic festival of the Suwa Shrine, is held every October.
Many attractions exist within the shrine grounds, including unique guardian lion dogs and the “Frog Rock,” which has the shape of a large frog. The shrine is also a popular place for “hatsumode,” the traditional Japanese new year pilgrimage to a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple.

Events to Enjoy Autumn and Winter to the Fullest

Painting the winter night sky in brilliant colors -- Lantern Festival (Nagasaki City)

The Nagasaki Lantern Festival originally began as an event to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It has become a winter tradition in Nagasaki that lasts about two weeks. Colorful lanterns and various decorations enliven the city, providing many spots for taking scenic photos! During the festival period, dragon and lion dances are among the events held at various locations.

A lively festival that combines Nagasaki tradition and foreign culture -- Nagasaki Kunchi(Nagasaki City)

“Nagasaki Kunchi,” which is held for three days every year starting on October 7, is an autumn festival held at Suwa Shrine. This festival, which boasts over 380 years of tradition, is characterized by unique and dynamic dance performances that retain the influence of Chinese and Western culture. Visitors from all over Japan come to watch the soul-stirring and splendid performances. The excitement reaches its climax as chants of “Mottekoi,” meaning "encore," echo through the air! Please enjoy this festival unique to Nagasaki.

Spectacular view of daffodils blooming on the hilltop -- Nomosaki Daffodil Festival (Nagasaki City)

This festival is usually held around January at Suisen no Sato Park, in the Nomozaki district at the tip of Nagasaki Peninsula. 10 million daffodils are in full bloom in the park, which overlooks the World Heritage Site, the island of Hashima (also known as Gunkanjima, or “Battleship Island”). As the sweet scent of daffodils float on the sea breeze, it is a festival that you can enjoy with your eyes and nose.

Fall-Winter Gourmet Food Recommendations

Freshness that can only be savored at this time of year! Ise lobster from Nomozaki (Nagasaki City)

Ise lobster is popular as a luxury seafood dish. The Nomozaki area is famous for its harvest of these lobsters. Caught in nearby waters, the lobsters have a firm texture and rich flavor, and are in season around September. The "Nomozaki Ise Lobster Festival" held at this time at restaurants around the city lets you enjoy fresh lobster from the sea.

Perfect for cold weather! Nagasaki Oden

Nagasaki is famous for kamaboko made from minced fresh local fish. Nagasaki Oden, a pot dish that comes with a serving of kamaboko, is simmered in a scrumptious “flying fish”-flavored broth. One recommended type of oden is a luxurious dish of egg wrapped in minced sardines. Filling your mouth with piping hot oden will warm your body and soul.


Not only Nagasaki city but also there are many attractive spots where you can feel the seasons in the prefecture.
Here is our recommendations for taking a short trip from Nagasaki city. 



See & Do

A short trip from Nagasaki City…Unzen Onsen (Unzen City)

Unzen Onsen (hot spring) is surrounded by rich natural beauty. Majestic mountains that change their appearance in each season are fascinating. Unzen Jigoku, where steam rises from the ground, is a spot where you can feel the earth’s energy. Hotels that cater to hot spring guests line the town, where the scent of sulfur drifts through the air and visitors can enjoy a day trip of hot spring bathing.

See & Do

Enjoy the nature of Unzen in every season at Nita Pass (Unzen City)

In autumn, you can enjoy vivid autumn leaves, and in winter, the mystical scenery of a frost-covered landscape at Nita Pass. After taking the ropeway to the observation deck, you will be greeted by a 360-degree panoramic view.
A 11.3 km drive leading through the Pass offers breathtaking views from the comfort of your car. A scenic viewpoint provides a close-up of the Heisei-Shinzan peak formed by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Fugen in the 1990s.


Take a trip outside of Nagasaki City to try Himematsuya's Guzoni! (Shimabara City)

Guzoni is a local Shimabara pot dish made with mochi (rice cake) and more than 10 types of local delicacies from the sea and mountains  simmered in a flavorful broth. It is said to have been created during the Shimabara Rebellion against the shogun in 1637, and was able to feed samurai warriors for three months due to its highly nutritious content. In Shimabara, you can enjoy guzoni at Himematsuya and many other restaurants, and it is delicious when eaten during cold weather!


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