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Search by night views~Panorama Night views~

Thanks to the surrounding mountains, visitors can enjoy incredible panoramic night views of Nagasaki’s city and harbour.

Mt. Nabekanmuri Park Observatory

This great panoramic view has been designated one of Japan’s nightscape heritage spots. A viewpoint has been built on top of the mountain, behind Glover Garden, which allows visitors to see across to Mt. Inasa on the opposite side of Nagasaki Port, and take in the sight of everything from the Port area to Megami Ohashi Bridge. This is the best place to get a close-up view of the Megami Ohashi, which is illuminated at night. The site attracts fewer visitors than Mt. Inasa, allowing you to spend time becoming submerged in the beauty of Nagasaki’s nightscape.

Mt. Kazagashira Park Observatory

Famous for being the location of the statue of Sakamoto Ryoma, the park features a wide range of points – from the statue itself, to the viewpoint, and through the various grassy areas – from which nightscapes can be viewed. Visitors can enjoy views of the city right below them, Megami Ohashi Bridge and Nagasaki Port beyond, and the more distant lights of the roads and houses on the edge of the city. This nightscape offers the peace of mind of knowing you are in the center of the city, along with a grand scale that affords the luxury of showing you dreams and hopes for the future.

Nagasaki Seaside Park

Winning the Good Design Gold Award (in the construction/environment categories) in 2004, this park is situated at the edge of the port, divided into an open area and water area that extend between the Kazemachi-bashi Bridge and the Yoimachi-bashi Bridge. The promenade along the water’s edge and ample open space offers panoramic views of the Nagasaki Port coastline, and its blue light presents an environment where visitors can enjoy both the water and the lights with the light of Megami Ohashi Bridge in the distance.

Glover Sky Road

Completed in 2002, the Glover Sky Road was the first system to combine a sloping elevator and a vertical elevator and to be designated a “road.” Connected directly to Glover Garden, this viewpoint is centered on the residential hillside area, and visitors can enjoy many night views such as the ones from the Higashiyamate Western-style Housing, the waterside of Seaside Park, and Mt. Inasa on the other side of the port. These views allow a real sense of the beautiful combination of sea and land highlighting Nagasaki’s nightscape, and it serves as a popular spot for people on dates after Glover Garden closes.

Megami Ohashi Bridge Venus Wing

With a total length of 480m in its central section, the Megami Ohashi Bridge is the sixth longest cable-stayed bridge in Japan, and it is a symbol of Nagasaki, as it connects Kibachi-machi and Tomachi. The bridge has a footpath along it, from which visitors can enjoy the sort of panorama only normally available by climbing a mountain. The lights from the center of Nagasaki City, as well as those from the hotels in the Tateyama area, provide a perfect contrast to the darkness of the water’s surface. As ships travel in and out of the bay from underneath the bridge, visitors get a true sense of the port, and the bridge should certainly be part of any recreational drive.

Tateyama Park

Famous for its approximately 700 Yoshino Cherry Trees that provide beautiful night views in the spring, this park offers visitors the chance to enjoy the sight of the Nagasaki Port outlined in the lights of the city. In contrast to the viewpoints of Mt. Inasa and Mt. Nabekanmuri, this viewpoint centers on the city with the expressive lights of the hillside areas and the Megami Ohashi Bridge showcased in the distance.


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