Kazagashira Park (カザガシラコウエン)

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Standing at 151.9m tall, Mt. Kazagashira offers a fantastic view of Nagasaki City.
From the observatory in the middle of Kazagashira Park, you can see out to Megami Ohashi (Venus Bridge) and it also offers a great view of the city against the mountains that Nagasaki is famous for.

You can also find a statue of Sakamoto Ryoma standing proud next to the look-out. In addition, this park is also one of the popular places to see cherry blossoms in spring (approximately 350 cherry blossom trees), and a good spot for seeing hydrangeas in early summer as well.


Address 850-0802 長崎県長崎市伊良林3-510-6 他
TEL 095-829-1184(長崎市地域整備2課)
FAX 095-829-1165


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