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Search night walks by categories~Exotic cultural architecture~

Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

”Based on the concept of a “breathing museum,” this museum, designed by Kengo Kuma, is illuminated at night along with the Nagasaki Seaside Park and can be enjoyed as a beautiful part of many night views. The lights of Nagasaki Port and the coastal surroundings can also be enjoyed from the museum’s roof garden as well.


A former Dutch trading station, Dejima was designated a National Historic Site in 1922. Restoration work has been carried out by the city of Nagasaki since 1951 and is still only partly completed. Currently the “Water Gate”,”Kapitan Room”, “Otona Room” and “The Third Warehouse” are open to the public. In the evening when the banks of the Nakashima River are lit up, take a look down the river and you will be taken back in time to when the island was isolated from the rest of the city. Enjoy the atmospheric reflections on the surface of the water from the surrounding buildings.

Chinese Gates

Four vermillion-lacquered Chinese gates face each direction at the entrances to Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown. Legendary guardians of the four directions are carved on each gate: the black tortoise of the north, the red peacock of the south, the green dragon of the east and the white tiger of the west. Come and see these mythological creatures illuminated in the evening.

Shinchi Chinatown

During the transition from the Bakufu Shogunate to the Meiji Government, the system of segregating Chinese residents in Chinese Settlements was abolished and Chinese residents began moving into this area. Nowadays, lined with Chinese restaurants and souvenirs from China, this uniquely Nagasaki Chinatown is full of decorative and colorful illuminations, neon lights, and atmosphere sure to fascinate its nighttime visitors.


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