Dejima (デジマ)

Japan's only window to Europe during the national isolation period.

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Dejima Protestant Seminary, a restored and preserved wooden two-storey building constructed in 1877, was Japan's first Protestant seminary. Here, we have experimented with exhibitions using models and graphics that take two perspectives - "Dejima, the Center of Trade," which focuses on Dejima's trading history, and "Dejima, the Center of Culture," which highlights the island's function as a window on cultural exchange. These exhibitions provide details on Dejima's creation as well as its transition, articles of commerce, life on Dejima, and the history up to the period of foreign settlement after Japan was opened to the world. This history is essential not only to an understanding of current Nagasaki culture, but also to a wider understanding of the very development of Japanese culture. It is full of highly interesting discoveries as well as buildings currently undergoing restoration. For example, the annex building, a restored former stone warehouse constructed after Japan's opening to the world, contains exhibits of archeological finds on Dejima.


Address 850-0862 長崎県長崎市出島町6-1
TEL 095-821-7200
FAX 095-826-0335
Hours of Operation 8:00~21:00(Last entry at 20:40)
Price JPY 520


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