Autumn and Winter in Sasebo are Full of Things to See. Enjoy Spectacular Views and Gourmet Food!-1

Autumn and Winter in Sasebo are Full of Things to See. Enjoy Spectacular Views and Gourmet Food!

From autumn to winter, there are many delightful experiences, such as fall foliage leaves, illuminations, and delicious gourmet food. Don't miss the winter-only illumination of Huis Ten Bosch, fireworks to celebrate the New Year, the spectacular views and autumn leaves of Kujukushima, and the sight of cute capybaras in the winter. Of course, there's also delicious food! Please visit Sasebo, which is full of charm!

Don’t Miss this Place! A Popular Spot in Autumn and Winter

Huis Ten Bosch, a city surrounded by flowers and light

At this spot you can admire beautiful flowers even during the autumn and winter seasons. On Flower Road, you can see beautiful cosmos and roses in autumn, and pansies and violas in winter. The interior is decorated with flower art, creating a relaxing space encircled by flowers. In addition, you can enjoy different scenery and new attractions no matter when you visit, such as virtual reality experiences and seasonal events. One of the world's largest illuminations, “Kingdom of Light,” is an event you don’t want to miss. In winter, you can enjoy Christmas and a landscape of silver.

Tenkaiho (Ocean View Ridge) is popular for its view of the Kujukushima Islands and flowers.

An observation deck offers a panoramic view of Kujukushima and Sasebo Port. In the latter half of October, about 150,000 cosmos flowers bloom all at once, creating a spectacular landscape that resembles a pink carpet. During the day, you can see the Kujukushima Islands floating on the sparkling sea, while the evening features a beautiful sunset.

Breath-taking beauty: Upside-down autumn leaves at Jufukuji Temple

At Jufukuji Temple, you can enjoy the “upside down autumn leaves” for a limited time around mid-November every year. Tatami mats are replaced in the temple hall with acrylic panels, enabling an inverted reflection of the autumn foliage of the maple trees in the garden outside, creating a beautiful scene that resembles a cut-out painting. Why not enjoy this amazing view in a tranquil atmosphere?

Recommended Events to Enjoy the Sights and Cuisine Unique to Autumn and Winter

Huis Ten Bosch: Silver World, a Fantastic Winter-only Event 

“Silver World” is an illumination event of pure white light surroundings held in winter from January to March. At a lighting ceremony held every night, beautiful singing voices and musical performances echo through the pitch-black darkness, and then the lights suddenly turn on, transforming the world into a landscape that looks as if snow has fallen from the night sky. At the finale, a fireworks show is the climax of an evening of excitement. Enjoy the light decorations such as the fabulous "Aurora Garden of Lights".

Huis Ten Bosch: Countdown with fireworks and illuminations

“Countdown to the City of Lights” is held on December 31. Fireworks are lit to celebrate the New Year! The collaboration with the 13 million bulb illumination "Kingdom of Light" is impressive. The 31st is a special day when a live countdown is held and business hours are extended until 2AM. Special trains run to Hakata, Nagasaki, and Sasebo, so you can enjoy the after-midnight fun without worrying about how to get back to where you are staying.

Taste freshly baked food -- Kujukushima Oyster Festival/Winter Event

A very popular event where you can enjoy barbecue-grilled “Kujukushima Oysters.” This special winter event is usually held from February to early March. The food highlight is small shell filled with meat, providing an enjoyable juicy texture. The venue is the large lawn plaza of Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort. Approximately 250 barbecue pits are lined up, making it a fun time to grill and eat your own food. Other Nagasaki seasonal seafood is also available at the event.

A Sasebo winter tradition: “Kira Kira Festival”

The main venue is Shimase Park, located about a 10-minute walk from Sasebo Station, and the park and an arcade in the city center are decorated with one million lights. On the weekends, stage events are held, and performances such as dance shows heighten the excitement. The festival lasts about a month every year from early December, leaving plenty of time to gaze at the beautiful illuminations.



Why don’t you take a short trip from Sasebo city.
There are many attractive spots where you can feel the seasons. Here is our recommendations.


See & Do

Interact with animals at Nagasaki Biopark(Saikai City)

Nagasaki Biopark is located about 2 hours by train from Sasebo. The Capybara Open-air Bath, held every year from November 26 to February, is a popular event for viewing cute capybaras soaking in a warm bath.
Animals such as llamas, capybaras, wallabies, and squirrel monkeys inhabit the park. The park allows you to enjoy feeding the animals and interacting with them in other ways.


Assorted flavors of Saikai City in one bowl! “Saikaidon” Fair(Saikai City)

A gourmet event held in Saikai City from early October to late November every year. Many famous restaurants participate in the event, offering original rice bowls filled with fresh ingredients, such as seafood, along with locally produced pork and wagyu beef. How about a delicious sweet-tasting bowl for your post-meal dessert?
Travel to Saikai City takes about 1 hour by car from Sasebo. An alternative route uses a high-speed boat, so we recommend traveling while enjoying a view of the sea.


Stretch your legs a bit... Hirado Natural Aranabe (Fish Hotpot) Festival(Hirado City)

Ara (long-tooth grouper) is a high-grade giant fish that can weigh up to 30 kg. In Hirado, the “Hirado Natural Aranabe Festival” is held from November to January, when the fish meat is fatty and especially delicious, elevating Ara to a dining attraction during this period. The rich umami-flavored Aranabe is so delicious that it is called the king of hotpots. In addition to nabe, there are menu courses where you can enjoy sashimi and shabu-shabu. Ara is a fish that rarely appears on the market, so it's a great chance to eat it during the festival.
Hirado is about 1.5 hours by bus from Sasebo City. The festival is well worth your time even if you're travelling from far away.


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