How to Enjoy Famous Spots and Events around Sasebo City - Spring/Summer Edition-1

How to Enjoy Famous Spots and Events around Sasebo City - Spring/Summer Edition

Sasebo City is about 1.5 hours by car and 2 hours by train from Nagasaki City. There are many spots where you can enjoy flowers in the spring and facilities to have fun in the summer, including Huis Ten Bosch (a theme park based on old Dutch culture). Here we provide information to help you enjoy Sasebo and its seasons to their fullest.

Enjoy the Seasons at Popular Tourist Spots!

Beautiful flowers in full bloom -- Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park built in the image of a 17th century Dutch town, is also known as the “Kingdom of Flowers” where seasonal flowers bloom in an abundance of rich colors. It features gourmet food, shopping, amusement facilities, art museums, and more. At night, it is illuminated to turn into a "Kingdom of Light." We recommend staying at a hotel within the park and enjoying the nighttime lights.

Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort

Kujukushima is made up of 208 islands of various sizes. At Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort, the gateway to the island, you can enjoy cruising and kayaking, and even encounter a variety of sea creatures at the aquarium. The resort also has shops and restaurants, making it a setting you can enjoy all day long. Enjoy a romantic moment on the Kujukushima Pleasure Boat Sunset Cruise, which operates for a limited time from August to October.

Fujiyama Shrine

This shrine is renowned for its beautiful wisteria garden. The length of the blooming period varies depending on the type of flower, but the blooming is continuous from around April to May. During the peak, the garden is illuminated at night, creating a magical effect. A famous 800-year-old giant tree is a magnificent sight.

Enjoy Spring and Summer to the Fullest! Recommended Events

Huis Ten Bosch Tulip Festival

In spring, from early February to early April, colorful tulips fill the festival’s garden. There are live musicians and shows, providing a cheerful atmosphere to enjoy while looking out over the tulip fields. Various spots have become popular for taking photos of flowers. At night, you can enjoy a beautiful illuminated view of the garden.

Huis Ten Bosch Million Rose Festival

A rose festival is held from late April to late May. You can enjoy various displays such as roses blooming on both sides of a canal and maze-like gardens. Live violin and other musical performances are also held, providing a background of beautiful sounds and elegance. At night, the festival hosts a music and light fountain show, while a “wine festival” offers delicious wines and food. Please enjoy a serene moment while tasting various brands of wine.

Huis Ten Bosch -- Summer Festival of Lights and Canals

A summer festival is held from early July to early September. Lantern decorations create an enchanted world of colorful lights. Enjoy the night with a summertime show of fireworks. You can also experience a majestic view of sunflowers spread out as far as the eye can see in all directions! The best time to visit the festival is from late July to early August.

Beauty like a painting! Jufukuji Temple “Upside Down Fresh Green”

Around mid-May every year, the “Upside Down Fresh Green” is displayed for a limited time at Jufukuji Temple. Part of the tatami mats in the temple hall are replaced with acrylic panels, creating a gorgeous inverted reflection of the garden greenery outside. The scenery is truly spectacular. It is as beautiful as a painting, much to the delight of visitors.

Popular summer event in Sasebo! Sasebo Seaside Festival

Held in early September every year, this two-day festival is filled with sporting events, stage shows, and fun participatory events that parents and children can enjoy together. The maritime tug-of-war competition is also a hit. At night, enjoy the fireworks!



Why don’t you take a short trip from Sasebo city.
There are many attractive spots where you can feel the seasons. Here is our recommendations.




Hasami Pottery Market -- An assortment of unique products (Hasami Town)

A pottery market is held in Hasami Town from April to May every year. About 150 shops open for business, offering a wide variety of tableware, sometimes at a discount of 30-40% off the regular price. You can also experience a potter's wheel or join a painting class. Twelve kilns have been reproduced in the ceramics park.


I want to go eat even if I have to stretch my legs a little! Delicious fried horse mackerel from Matsuura City(Matsuura City)

Matsuura City has the largest catch of horse mackerel in Japan. The season is from April to August, and “fried horse mackerel”' is a popular gourmet dish. Thick and crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. When you take a bite, you can instantly enjoy the delicious aroma and juiciness. About 1 hour from Sasebo by Matsuura Railway. Also, have fun gazing at the scenery while riding the local train.


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