Kojima Shrine (コジマジンジャ)

"Mont Saint-Michel of Japan"

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Kojima Shrine is located on an island in the ocean. The crossable path from the ocean appears for only a few hours at low tide. Only then can you walk to this shrine. You can see this mysterious space created by nature, thought to be flowing with mystical energy where you can meet the gods due to the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. Given this feature, it is also called the "Mont Saint-Michel of Japan." You can see this mysterious space created by nature. This entire island is considered sacred ground. Therefore, you are not allowed to take even one twig off the island. You can take photographs though, so after checking when the low tide is why don't you visit this sacred island that has remained protected by nature to the present day.


Address 811-5315 長崎県壱岐市芦辺町諸吉ニ亦触1969番地
TEL 0920-47-3700(Iki City Tourism Federation)
Access 7 minutes by car from Ashibe Port
Website Check the tide level (External site)


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