Doya Tanada (Rice Terrace) (ドヤタナダ)

One of the Top 100 Rice Terraces in Japan

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Doya Tanada (Rice Terrace) is listed as one of the top 100 rice terraces in Japan. Each year during the rice planting period (end of April to early May), the view of approximately 400 water-filled paddy fields along with the setting sun creates a magical scenery that attracts many photographers around the country to this area. The sun sets on the ocean just beyond the terraces, creating a beam of reflection, and painting the entire field of vision into a world of nothing but gold and orange.

During autumn (usually in September), this area is also known for Doya Tanada Fire Festival, where approximately 3000 lanterns are set on the ridges between the rice fields, and at dusk, the light up of the lanterns and the sunset view makes it a stunning and an unforgettable view.


Address 848-0405 長崎県松浦市福島町土谷免
TEL 0956-72-1111(松浦市食と観光のまち推進課)


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