Shirouo (Ice Goby) Festival and Kawazu Cherry Blossom (サザチョウ シロウオ ト カワヅサクラ)

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At the river mouth of Saza River, approximately 300 cherry blossom trees are planted along the 1.5 kilometer riverbank. Among those, 260 Kawazu sakura (also known as precocious cherry blossom trees) are in full bloom around late February of each year. During this time, it is also peak season for Shirouo (ice goby fish); and thus, it has become a seasonal tradition and a festival at Saza-cho Town, where one can enjoy the view of cherry blossoms while fishing for Shirouo fish.


Address 長崎県北松浦郡佐々町
TEL 0956-59-7761(佐々町観光情報センター)


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