Shushi Maple Street (しゅうしのもみじかいどう)

Spot for beautiful autumnal leaves with vivid colors

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Shushi Forest Park in Kamitsushima-cho, Tsushima City is a beautiful spot for viewing autumn leaves. Along the 7 km Maple Street that follows the Shushi River, the colored maple tree leaves create beautiful scenery together with verdant evergreens. The river surface is like a mirror, and glossy reflections of the autumnal leaves are always a hit on social media! Enjoy the colors of fall in Japan while relaxing and listening to the sound of a clear and pure stream amidst the nature.
A variety of events are held every year in early November during the Momiji Festival.


Address 817-2333 長崎県対馬市上対馬町舟志
TEL 0920-86-4838(対馬観光物産協会上対馬事務所)
FAX 0920-86-3813
Parking Approx. 100 vehicles
Access Approx. 46 minutes by car from Tsushima Airport
Note Toilets available


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