Welcome to Sasebo-1

Welcome to Sasebo

We have a time we would like you to experience in this area located in the western part of mainland Japan.
That would be time spent like a local person. Eating the unique delicious local foods, experiencing Japanese life or viewing the global recognized scenic beauty of “Kujukushima”, their are many ways to spend your time.
Take a ferry over to the islands and you will find yourself in a mysterious place of World Heritage registered settlements and churches. Of course, just walking around the downtown area, you will be receive an exciting impression of Japan. No matter which season you visit, there are many ways to enjoy Sasebo. What kind of time would you like to spend?

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  • Sasebo Burger-1

    Sasebo Burger

    The Sasebo Burger is said to have originated around 1950, first prepared with a recipe received directly from the US Navy. Its biggest characteristic is that it is handmade after receiving the order. While it is often thought that Sasebo Burger = big American size burger, the actual size and flavor varies greatly from shop to shop. With not only Japanese beef patties, but also Chicken cutlets, thickly slice bacon, steak etc., the ingredients have many variations.

  • Lemon Stake-1

    Lemon Stake

    This steak is brought to your table, sizzling on a hot iron skillet. Sasebo’s “Lemon Steak” differs from large American steaks in that it is a steak prepared for the Japanese palate! With that concept in mind, easy to eat, thinly sliced beef is piled on. Furthermore, the key to this steak, its sauce, is a refreshing soy sauce based sauce, using plenty of lemon juice. After finishing eating the steak, mixing the remaining sauce with the rice and eating it is true Sasebo style. “Lemon Steak” can be enjoyed at restaurants around the city.
  • Kujukushima Oysters-1

    Kujukushima Oysters

    The must-eat gourmet winter food at Kujukushima is Kujukushima Oysters! “Kujukushima Oysters” are rich with the ample nutrients absorbed from the islands and the mountains surrounding the intricate coastline. While having a slightly smaller size shell, they have a wonderful texture, plump and filled with a rich flavor. In season from October through March, you can eat Kujukushima Oysters at various oyster shacks along the coast.

  • Kujukushima Torafugu ( Tiger Pufferfish )-1

    Kujukushima Torafugu ( Tiger Pufferfish )

    Nagasaki Prefecture is the leading producer of aquaculture Torafugu in Japan. To improve the texture and flavor of the “Kujukushima Torafugu” they are raised using a special feed that includes Sasebo Haiyazumi Mikan (green mandarin oranges). The fully grown “Kujukushima Torafugu” are round and fat with a clear color and unique texture. This delicious brand of Fugu can be enjoyed at Japanese, Chinese and Western restaurants and hotels around the city.

  • Sailor’s Beef Stew-1

    Sailor’s Beef Stew

    Togo Heihachiro, who is said to have had deep relation with Sasebo, is believed to have introduced beef stew to Japan following his studies in England. Based on the “Stewed Beef” recipe found in the Meiji period (1868- 1912) Navy cook book, the “Kaigun Kappojutsu Sanko-Sho”, the “Sailor’s Beef Stew” we enjoy today has been adapted and modified by each shop.

  • Sailor's “Nyuukou Zenzai”-1

    Sailor's “Nyuukou Zenzai”

    In the old Japanese Naval Era、on the night before returning to its home port, “Zenzai”(a sweet Azuki red-bean) was said to have been served on board ships. Served to help relieve the sailors fatigue, the dish also signified a celebration of their safe return home, and is a tradition maintain presently by the Maritime Self Defense Force. This dish is served at restaurants around Sasebo city as “Kaigun-san Nyuukou Zenzai”. While generally served hot with mochi, each shop has its own style and sweetness, with some serving it with Shiratama (white rice-flour dumpling) or Taiyaki. A cold version can be enjoyed in summer.


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