How to enjoy Kujukushima-1

How to enjoy Kujukushima

Stretching north from Sasebo Port to Hirado, this area of sea covering approximately 25 km, has a complex sawtooth coastline interwoven with 208 islands and deep inlets creating a scene of natural beauty. People live on only four of the islands, with the rest remaining uninhabited. With more than 80% of the 288.5 km long coast retaining a natural coastline, almost the entire area was designated as Saikai National Park in 1955.
With the highest island density in Japan, forests of evergreens and broadleaf trees cast their shadows over the water surface, as gentle waves quietly roll into the many inlets that are home to a diverse range of creatures. Ever changing its expression with the movement of the sun and play of light, seasonal flowers and birds add to the color of the landscape which is sure to please no matter how many times you visit.

Kujukushima Cruise Tour

  • Kujukushima Cruising Boat Pearl Queen-1

    Kujukushima Cruising Boat Pearl Queen

    Enjoy an elegant and comfortable cruise among the islands on this white ship with a color reminiscent of a pearl.

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  • 99TRITON-1


    It is a catamaran, which is characterized by the excellent stability of two boats connected together. It is suitable for everyone from children to the elderly.

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  • Sunset Cruise-1

    Sunset Cruise

    Enjoy a view of Kujukushima bathed in the light of the setting sun, from aboard a ship. A seasonal elegant way of enjoying oneself. As departures are made based on the setting of the sun, please contact us for times and details.

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  • Kujukushima Relaxing Cruises-1

    Kujukushima Relaxing Cruises

    A comfortable ship with wide relaxing seats. With limited seating, enjoy a special course only taken on this relaxing cruise. Observe the beauty of nature up close, as you see native plants and aquatic life.

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Sea Kayaking

As the sea is calm, it is perfect for beginners. After practicing on the land, set out on the sea with a guide. 

Kujukushima Aquarium Umi Kirara

Meet the various creatures found in the rich nature of Kujukushima. With feeding, pearl finding experiences and dolphin programs, the aquarium is full of fun.

Observation Decks

Observation decks from which you can admire a wonderful view of Kujukushima.

  • Tenkaiho Observatory-1

    Tenkaiho Observatory

    Feel the joy of a field of seasonal flowers, as Kujukushima and Sasebo Port spread out before your eyes.

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  • Yumiharidake Observatory-1

    Yumiharidake Observatory

    Take in the great depth of Sasebo Port and a distant view of Kujukushima. The orange color of the ports night time scenery is beautiful.

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  • Ishidake observation spot-1

    Ishidake observation spot

    A superb view that became a location in the Hollywood movie “Last Samurai”.

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  • Funakoshi Observatory Deck-1

    Funakoshi Observatory Deck

    It is located on the way from Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort to the Zoological and Botanical Garden "Mori-Kirara". Since it is at the lowest altitude of all observatories in Kujukushima area, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of Kujukushima up close, and it is so beautiful regardless of the weather.

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  • Kujukushima park-1

    Kujukushima park

    A new park, called the Kujukushima Park, where visitors can look out over a great panorama of the Kujuku Islands. The Kujuku Islands are also remarkable for being made up of 208 separate islands ("kujuku" means "ninety-nine" in Japanese), said to be the densest patch of islands in Japan.

    From the "Outlook Hill" of this vast, open, grassy space, visitors can look across this great panorama of the Kujuku Islands and can experience this beautiful scenery which has up till now never existed.

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