Popular Spots and Gourmet Eats Around Nagasaki City - Spring/Summer Edition-1

Popular Spots and Gourmet Eats Around Nagasaki City - Spring/Summer Edition

From spring to summer, events are held where beautiful flowers bloom. We'll introduce you to places you'll want to visit, including famous cherry blossom viewing spots, events to enjoy summer evenings, and gourmet food restaurants to delight you throughout the summer.

Experience the Changing Seasons at Classic Sightseeing Spots!

A famous cherry blossom viewing area representative of Nagasaki City! Tateyama Park (Nagasaki City)

Tateyama Park is full of cherry blossoms. It is located about 10 minutes by car from Nagasaki Station, and you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city from the observation deck. A cherry blossom festival is held every year from late March to early April, when approximately 700 cherry trees are in full bloom. At night, the area is illuminated with lights, and traditional lanterns called "bonbori" light up the cherry blossoms, creating a magical atmosphere.

Japan's oldest stone bridge, Megane Bridge (Nagasaki City)

Megane Bridge (or Spectacle Bridge) has two stone arches over the Nakashima River that create the image of a pair of eyeglasses. This is Japan's oldest stone bridge. Nearby, colorful hydrangeas are in full bloom every year from late May to early June. Together, the bridge and the hydrangeas provide a spectacular photographic opportunity. Legend has it that if you find one of the heart stones embedded in the Nakashima River’s embankment, you can make a wish for true love!

Glover Garden, one of Nagasaki's best tourist spots (Nagasaki City)

Glover Garden is a park that features a Western-style building built about 150 years ago and a beautiful overview of Nagasaki harbor. The garden has an abundance of flowers and gives you a feel for the local history and culture. When the garden is illuminated at night from mid-July to early October, you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere that is quite different from the daytime. Also, a bar open only during the summer allows you to enjoy a drink surrounded by garden greenery.

Learn the importance of peace - Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum (Nagasaki City)

On August 9, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on the Urakami area. At the museum, the horror of the atomic bombing, the circumstances leading up to its dropping, the history of nuclear weapons development, and the importance of peace are on exhibit. By scanning a QR code, you can view exhibition explanations in 11 languages, and audio guide rentals are available for a fee. Opening hours will be extended until 8 P.M. from August 7 to 9.

Lots of entertainment - i+Land Nagasaki (Nagasaki City)

Iojima Island is located about 30 minutes by car from the city center. We recommend renting a bicycle there and taking a leisurely tour of the area while enjoying scenery that changes with the seasons and the sunset over the horizon. There are plenty of beach activities, and you can enjoy a the natural hot springs. Japan's largest 4-wheel buggy course has also opened, and a gourmet spot exists where you can enjoy fresh Nagasaki seafood!

Spring-Summer Recommended Events

Japan's premier sailing event -- Nagasaki Sailing Festival (Nagasaki City)

Beautiful large sailing ships gather in Nagasaki Port! This event is usually held in late April, with sailing ships gracefully entering the port under the Megami Ohashi Bridge. You can also tour the inside of sailing ships and join an "experience cruise" that travels around Nagasaki Port. During the sailing event, the ships are decorated with flags and lit up at night, creating an enchanted atmosphere.

※The event period is subject to change.

A festival that captures summer -- Nagasaki Minato Festival (Nagasaki City)

A major summer event held every year in late July. You can enjoy stage events and street stalls around Nagasaki Seaside Park. The highlight of the festival is 10,000 fireworks set off in time with music. You can fully enjoy Nagasaki's nighttime scenery, recognized as one of the world's top three night views, and the dynamic fireworks show at the same time.

Nagasaki's summer tradition -- Nagasaki Night Market (Nagasaki City)

Every year, a night market is held around Megane Bridge on Saturdays and Sundays in early and late August. Meganebashi (Spectacles Bridge) is decorated with lights and the Nakashima River is illuminated by lanterns, creating an enchanted setting. On market days, food stalls sell cotton candy and other treats, live music is performed, and the area is crowded every year with families and young people wearing summertime yukata. The reflection of the large-size traditional lanterns suspended over the river is beautiful, so be sure to take a photo.

Spring-summer gourmet food recommendations

Milkshake: A frozen dessert originating in Nagasaki (Nagasaki City)

The “Nagasaki milkshake,” a frozen dessert that is eaten by scooping it with a spoon, originated with British-style eggnog, which uses eggs and milk. It is said that the first owner of the coffee shop "Tsuru-chan" came up with the milkshake idea by adding crushed ice to the eggnog. Enjoy sweet and delicious milkshakes offering different flavors and textures depending on the recipes used by local shops.


Not only Nagasaki city but also there are many attractive spots where you can feel the seasons in the prefecture. 
 Here is our recommendations for taking a short trip from Nagasaki city.



See & Do

Enjoy the season by taking a short trip from Nagasaki City...Cherry blossoms and irises at Omura Park (Omura City)

Omura Park is known as a famous place for flowers. 2,000 cherry blossom trees bloom continuously in the park from late March to mid-April. Also, from late May to early June, 300,000 irises are in full bloom. The Omura Flower Festival is held from late March, when the cherry blossoms start to bloom, until mid-June, when the best time to view irises ends. The park is illuminated at night during this period, allowing you to enjoy contrasting daytime and nighttime views.


Perfect for summer! Somen from “Yamanotera Yukyo” (Minamishimabara City)

Somen, a dish of cold light noodles in soup, is just right for hot summer days. The somen served at Yamanotera Yukyo is made by stretching it by hand into thin noodles, and has been a culinary highlight in Shimabara for over 350 years, taking advantage of local spring water and the warm climate. The restaurant is located in the lush forest of Unzen, so please enjoy the scenery of the Japanese countryside while you eat.


Go stretch your legs a little! Cold sweets, Ginsui's "Kanzarashi" (Shimabara City)

"Kanzarashi" is a traditional frozen dessert made in the Shimabara City area. It is a simple sweet made from small rice flour dumplings that are cooled in Shimabara's spring water and sprinkled with nectar made from sugar and honey. It has a honey taste that is not too sweet and a chewy texture that slides down the throat easily, a perfect treat for summer. “Ginsui,” a famous shop that makes kanzarashi, is located inside an impressive old-style Japanese wooden building.


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