Tsuwazaki Lighthouse / Tsubaki Park

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Tsuwazaki Lighthouse was built in Tsuwazaki-go around 1960~1961. At the time, Kyushu Shosen steam boats would arrive at Tsuwazaki's coast and let off / take passengers and luggage. On March 27th, 1962, the lighthouse was lit for the first time. Located at the northernmost edge of Shinkamigoto on a mountain summit 100 m over sea level, the light house shone through the night, performing the very important duty of giving safety to the boats passing through the west seas.
In “Tsubaki Park”, which surrounds the lighthouse, native red Japanese camellias bloom in winter, and in the spring the trees grow cherry blossoms. It's a place of many colors.
Atop the vast expanses of blue sea around you, you can see Nozaki, Ojika, Uku, and Hirado islands. When the waves are calm, it feels ethereal, like observing a miniature garden.


Address 857-4604 長崎県南松浦郡新上五島町津和崎郷
Contact Shinkamigoto Town Office Tourism Division(Tel: 0959-53-1131)


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