Nozaki Island (のざきじま)

An otherworldly place that almost seems foreign.

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Nozaki Island is part of Ojika town, which consists of 17 islands, and is located 2 kilometers east from the most eastern point of Ojika Island: the main island bearing the name of the town. Nozaki is relatively large, measuring 6.5 km long (north to south), up to 2 km wide, and 7.36 square kilometers in area. Its shape resembles a peanut with the narrow central part (Nokubi) nested in between broad ends that stand high above sea level.


Please notify Ojika Island Tourism office in advance about your visit to Nozaki Island.
Without notice, Nokubi Church may be locked or the town boat may be canceled in the event of bad weather. It is important to check in with the office to avoid disappointment.

The weather is variable on Nozaki. With prior notice, you can stay informed of possible boat cancellations or other safety issues related to weather.

※It is best if you inform the tourism office about your visit at least 1 week in advance.


Address 長崎県北松浦郡小値賀町
TEL 0959-56-2646(おぢかアイランドツーリズム)
Website Ojika Island Tourism


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