Nagasaki Port Ohato Terminal (ナガサキコウ オオハトターミナル)

Gateway to the Sea in Nagasaki

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It is the gateway to the sea used by local and remote islanders as well as visitors.
Ferries and high-speed boats are convenient to the Goto Islands, Ioujima, Takashima, and other outlying islands. For sightseers, round-trip sightseeing boats such as the Gunkanjima Cruise and the Nagasaki Port Tour are recommended.
Depending on the operating company, there are various plans available, such as a set plan that includes round-trip boat fare and accommodation, or a one-day plan that includes a regular sightseeing bus. Take advantage of various plans and discounts to save money on your trip.
The Nagasaki Port Terminal has a restaurant and a store offering a variety of Nagasaki specialties such as sponge cakes and Sara Udon noodles, so you can spend your waiting time in a meaningful way. In addition, various events such as flea markets and concerts are held at the adjacent Okunchi Plaza! The observation deck next to the 20-meter-high sphere offers a panoramic view of Nagasaki Port, and the wooden deck is used as a space for people to relax.


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