Nagasaki Port Matsugae International Terminal (ナガサキマツガエコクサイターミナル)

Nagasaki Port Terminal can accommodate large cruise ships

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Nagasaki, which has long been in contact with the continent and rich in tourist resources, attracts many cruise ships to its ports of call. The current Matsugae International Terminal at the Port of Nagasaki was built to accommodate large international cruise ships and opened in 2010.
The terminal building has a well-designed roof with grassy green areas and wooden decks, and is built in an environmentally friendly manner using solar power generation. The building also has an extensive information function to introduce Nagasaki's history, culture, and sightseeing to visitors who have disembarked from cruise ships.
It is close to the Oura Kaigan Dori tram stop, and the Minamiyamate area, one of the most popular sightseeing areas in the city, including Glover Garden and the Oura Tenshudo, is also nearby.
The hall can be used for various events except when cruise ships are in port, and is also used as a venue for a wide variety of events.
In recent years, cruises to East Asia, centering on Shanghai and other cities in Japan, China, and Korea, have been attracting attention, and this international terminal is expected to become even more in demand in the future.
Luxury cruise ships of various registry are a sight to behold! While docked, the illuminated cruise ships add even more brilliance to the exotic Nagasaki Port.


Address 850-0921 長崎県長崎市松が枝町7-16
TEL 095-801-2210
FAX 095-801-2217
Hours of Operation Hours of operation: 9:00-18:00
Hours are subject to change due to events, etc.
Closed Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
Parking Parking available (charged)
Access From Nagasaki Station, take a streetcar (bound for Sofukuji) for approximately 7 minutes, change at Shinchi Chinatown (bound for Ishibashi) for approximately 4 minutes, and alight at Oura Kaigan Dori bus stop. 
From the East Exit of JR Nagasaki Station, take a bus (bound for Tagami/Uetomachi) for approximately 15 minutes and get off at the Oura Tenshudo Shimo bus stop.
From JR Nagasaki Station South Exit, take a bus (bound for Kabashima/Fukabori) for approximately 10 minutes, alight at Glover Garden Iriguchi bus stop, and walk for approximately 2 minutes.
Approximately 8 minutes by car from JR Nagasaki Station.


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