Dutch Slope (オランダザカ)

An exotic mood fills the air in this part of the Foreign Settlement

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A monument to the ruins of the Protestant Church of England is buried in the stone wall at the starting point of the slope rising to the mission school and the Kaisei Senior High School gymnasium that stands on a hill in the Higashi-yamate neighborhood. This is the site of Japan is first Protestant Church of England, which was built in 1862. At the time, the people of Nagasaki referred to all non-Asians as "Hollanders," likely because of the influence of the Dutch who lived on Dejima, even after many foreign residents from countries other than the Netherlands had immigrated to Nagasaki following Japan is opening and the foreign settlement period. Therefore, the entire slope was called "Hollander Slope" at that time, perhaps because many Minami-yamate residents used the slope when they went to worship. Now, only the stretch from Kwassui Women's College to Kwassui Slope and the stretch in front of Jokoin is known as "Hollander Slope."


Address 長崎県長崎市東山手町
TEL 095-822-8888(長崎市コールセンターあじさいコール)
Access 4 minutes' walk from Medical Center Streetcar Stop
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