Kawachi Pass (カワチトウゲ)

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The panoramic view from the top of Kawachi Pass is one not to be missed!
To the south of Kawachi Pass, one can see the northern part of Kujukushima (Ninety-Nine Islands); to the north is the beginning of Genkai Sea, and beyond that, it is said that one can see Iki Island and Tsushima Island on a clear sunny day.

The Kawachi Pass is approximately a 15 minute drive from Hirado Castle, and it is a popular spot for hikers, tourists and locals alike. You can start your hike from town, or drive up and use one of the car parks near the summit to see this incredibly beautiful view for yourself.


Address 859-5123 長崎県平戸市大野町
TEL 0950-22-4111(平戸市観光課)
FAX 0950-23-3399


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