Iki Dolphin Park & Resort (いきいるかぱーく&りぞーと)

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Iki Dolphin Park & Resort is a popular spot. You can interact with lovely dolphins up-close in a park that occupies a natural cove on Iki-no-shima. There are experiences available that allow you to actually touch and feed the dolphins. There is no doubt you will be soothed by them. Of course, you can also take your photograph together with the dolphins. In addition, we recommend you appreciate Iki with a day camp and barbecue that take advantage of the rich nature of the island. There is a stylish cafe where you can look outside on the premises. You can enjoy coffee, fluffy pancakes and wonderful dishes made with local ingredients (e.g., Iki beef).

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Address 811-5512 長崎県壱岐市勝本町東触2668番地3
TEL 0920-42-0759
Hours of Operation 9:30~17:30
Price Adults: 1000 yen / Junior high school students and younger: 500 yen / Pre-school children: Free
Website https://ikiparks.com/

Approximately 18 species of dolphin live in the waters around Japan, and 4 of these that swim off the coast of Katsumoto district include the Pacific white-sided dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin, the false killer whale, and the Risso's dolphin. These aquatic mammals are actually smaller relatives of whales, and they begin to swim down to this area from the north every autumn, when they follow schools of squid, Japanese amberjack, Pacific saury, and sardine. The dolphins at this park swim freely and visitors can interact with these engaging creatures that have unique names, personalities, and expressions. Find your favorite dolphin when you visit!


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