Mt. Inasa & Nagasaki Ropeway (イナサヤマ)

Selected as one of the Top 3 Night Views in the World in 2012

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Rising 333 meters above sea level in the center of Nagasaki, Mount Inasa Park in the Inasa mountain range is a natural park beloved by the residents of the city. It is renowned for its displays of azaleas in the spring. The summit features a glass-enclosed circular domed lookout from which one can enjoy a 360-degree view of the spectacular scenery. On clear days, one can even see Mt. Unzen, the Amakusa area, and the Goto chain of islands. The summit can be reached by a ropeway operating from Fuchi Shrine (in Fuchimachi). The picturesque scenery and natural beauty of Nagasaki's mountains and coastline are all here to enjoy - including the tour boats entering the Port of Nagasaki, the historical settlements of foreign residents, and the rows of buildings in each district. 


Address 長崎県長崎市稲佐町
TEL 095-861-7742(稲佐山公園管理事務所)
Hours of Operation 8:00~22:00


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