Hot Foot 105 (オバマオンセンアシユ ホットフットイチマルゴ)

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Obama Town is located on the western side of Shimabara Peninsula; set against the backdrop of Unzen Mountain and facing the Tachibana Bay.

The natural hot spring at Obama Town comes out of the ground at a scalding 105 degrees Celsius, and the steam that rises up from the vents and drains can be seen throughout the whole town.

One of the most well-known spots in Obama Town is “Hot Foot 105”. This hot foot bath (open to the public free of charge) is measured at 105 meters long, and it is said to be the longest foot bath in Japan! It also has a pet section as well, so even pets can enjoy some hot spring too.

Hot Foot 105 is the perfect place to relax your tired feet after a day of exploring, and to watch the sun set over the Tachibana Bay!


Address 長崎県雲仙市小浜町北本町905-70
TEL 0957-74-2672(小浜温泉観光案内所)
Hours of Operation 【April-October】  10:00~19:00(Steam L/O18:00、Close18:30)
【November-March】10:00~18:00(Steam L/O17:00、Close17:30) 


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