Ryujin Festival(Hiyo-hiyo Matsuri)

The traditional ceremony which has been held for about 300 years, praying for a good haul and safety of fishermen.

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On the evening of June 17th in the lunar calender, the Shinto ritual is held with invited priest at Itsukushima Shrine on the island. As the moon rises, the vessel decorated with banners and sacred lights goes three laps around the harbor having the children gathered there along with mikoshi shrine, flutes, and the drums on board. Since they call "Hiyo-hiyo-hiyo..." repeatedly while sailing, it is also known as "Hiyo-hiyo Festival".


Address 857-4811 長崎県佐世保市宇久町神浦3160
TEL 0959-57-3935(宇久島観光協会)
FAX 0959-57-3935
Access Approx. 200 min.(145 min. if directly) from Sasebo Port by ferry. 12 min. walk from Ukudaira Port.
Dates Mid-July


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