Tail-curved cat in Nagasaki (ナガサキノオマガリネコ)

A lucky cat that brings happiness with its tail.

Nagasaki City
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A "tail-bending cat" is a cat whose tail is bent like a key. It is said to be a "happy cat" that brings good luck with its tail. Nagasaki is the place where this tail-curved cat is most abundant in Japan. In 2019, the "Tail-Curved Cat Shrine" was established near the popular tourist attraction, Megane Bridge, and is visited by many cat lovers who wish for the health and longevity of their cats. Many cute cat goods are available for sale, and the limited edition items only available here are also popular.
The shrine aims to reduce the number of cats being killed and to create a better habitat for cats, and donates all money donated to cat protection groups throughout Japan.


Address 長崎県長崎市


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