Shiambashi (しあんばし)

An entertainment district showcasing Nagasaki, both now and in the past

Nagasaki City
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Shianbashi is Nagasaki's best bar and restaurant district, and every day it is bustling with people, while stores covering a wide variety of genres add color to the night. Located in the center of Nagasaki City, the Shianbashi area has excellent access to transportation options.
Shianbashi was once a bridge that connected to the entrance of the Maruyama district, an entertainment district where geisha and oiran courtesans lived in the 1600s. The name "Shianbashi," or "Deliberation Bridge," comes from the fact that this is where people considered whether to go to the entertainment district or turn back.
In modern times the river has been reclaimed so the bridge is gone, but there are still remnants of the railings on the sides of the road that has been maintained.


Address 長崎県長崎市油屋町、本石灰町(もとしっくいまち)
Access Ride approx. 12 minutes by tram (to Sofukuji Temple) from Nagasaki Station, then get off at Shianbashi.


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