Haru-ichiban Tower(Haru-ichiban-no-Tō) (はるいちばんのとう)

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Haru-ichiban is the Japanese name for the strong, southerly winds that blow at the beginning of spring. It is a meteorological terminology that is often used in weather forecasts across the country. This name actually originated here on Iki, and the Japan Weather Association conducts staff training in this area. 
In 1859, fishing vessels were caught in particularly deadly winds at sea and 53 fishermen drowned when they were shipwrecked. Since then, the forceful drafts of early spring have been called haru-ichiban, which means “the first of the spring,” to pass down the horrors of that accident to future generations. 
This district erected a stone stele in memory of those who lost their lives, and to this day, on the anniversary of their deaths, no one goes out to fish no matter how clear the weather may be; instead, they pay tribute to and pray for the repose of the shipwrecked fishermen’s souls. 
In the park above the memorial, the Haru-ichiban-no-Tō, or Haru-ichiban Tower, was constructed so that the people of Iki who live with the ocean would never forget the fearsome forces of nature.

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Address 811-5135 長崎県壱岐市郷ノ浦町郷ノ浦403
TEL 0920-48-1130(Iki Ciy Tourism Division)
Contact Iki Ciy Tourism Division
Access 1 minutes by car from Gonoura Port
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