Dozaki Church (どうざききょうかい)

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Soon after the ban on Christianity was lifted by the Meiji government, two French missionaries, fathers Fraineau and Marmand, were sent to Goto in order to take part to the revival of the local Christian community.  Father Marmand established a first wooden church in Goto, in 1879.

Dozaki Church was rebuilt in red bricks in 1908 under the guidance of Father Pélu, a missionary who succeeded Marmand and Fraineau. Some of the materials were brought all the way from Italy. The inside of the church is made of wood, with typical stained glass and ribbed vault ceiling. 

Today, various documents and objects showing us the history of the Christians’ persecution are displayed in Dozaki.

The building has been registered as prefectural tangible heritage in 1974.


Address 853-0053 長崎県五島市奥浦町堂崎2019
TEL 0959-73-0705
Access A 20-minute by car from Fukue Port Terminal.


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