Mizunoura Church (みずのうらきょうかい)

A lilywhite wooden church, masterful blend of Romanesque, Gothic and Japanese architecture.

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The history of Mizunoura Christians is said to have started when five men from Sotome (located north of Nagasaki City) moved there together with their families in 1797 as part of the Goto and Omura feudal domains policies. 

A first church was built in 1880 but didn’t last long and deteriorated quickly. The church was rebuilt into its current appearance in 1938 by famed architect Yosuke Tetsukawa. 

The lilywhite wooden church, a masterful mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Japanese architecture, is the biggest wooden church in Goto, and the contrast between its white spire and the blue of the seas seems to come right out of a postcard.

The hill behind the church features a statue of St John Soan de Goto and remains of a prison from the ban on Christianity era. 


Address 853-0701 長崎県五島市岐宿町岐宿1643-1
Access 20 minutes by car from Fukue Port Terminal.
2 minutes from Mizunoura bus stop.


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