Fukue Castle (Ishida Castle) (ふくえじょう(いしだじょう))

The only castle in Japan which directly faced the sea.

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The construction of Ishida Castle was decided by the 30th lord of Goto. Construction works started in 1849 and were completed in 1863 after 15 years, with more than 50 000 workers taking part to its completion, making it the last castle built in Japan and at that time the only one with three sides directly facing the sea. 

Today, a cultural centre, a high school, the Goto Tourism and Historical Materials Museum, as well as the city's public library are located within the former castle's walls.


Address 853-0007 長崎県五島市池田町1-2
TEL 0959-72-6111(五島市役所)
FAX 0959-74-1994
Access A 10-minute walk from Fukue Port Terminal.


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