Imochiura Church and Lourdes Grotto (いもちうらきょうかい と るるど)

The first Lourdes grotto in Japan, built with stones gathered by appealing to the local believers.

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The story of Imochiura starts when hidden Christians from Omura domain moved to Imochiura to work in salt factories. 

Upon hearing in 1891 that a replica of the Lourdes grotto was being built in  Vatican City, father Pélu who was tasked with reviving the Catholic faith in Goto at the time,  gathered enough beautifully shaped rocks with the help of local believers to build the first Lourdes grotto in Japan in 1899.

Drinking this miraculous water is said to be a cure for many illnesses and the grotto rapidly acquired a holy-ground status among Japanese believers.


Address 853-0411 長崎県五島市玉之浦町玉之浦1243番地
Access 50 minutes by car from Fukue Port Terminal.


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