Daihoji Temple (だいほうじ)

A temple nicknamed "Western Japan's mount Koya" since the famous buddhist monk Kukai stayed here on his way back from China.

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Daihoji was founded in 701, 1st year of Daiho Era at the request of empress emeritus Jito.

A century later, in 806, the famous monk Kukai taught the principles of Shingon Buddhism for the first time on his way back from China. Many cultural treasures are kept in the temple among which some nehan-zu paintings from  Muromachi era (1336-1573), a bronze bell and a monkey sculpture by famous Edo era artist and carpenter Hidari Jingoro.


Address 853-0413 長崎県五島市玉之浦町大宝631
TEL 0959-87-2471
Access 40 minutes by car from Fukue Port Terminal


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