Matenora Church

Remodeled in 2010

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On the way from the village's highway entrance to the church, there's a building known as the "Oratio Hall". It's unknown when it was built, but it's said that it was Matenora Village's first place of prayer. In 1956, this became too small to accomodate churchgoers, and a new church was built where the current one stands. The church was remodeled in 2010. In 1975, the Matenora Parish was established as an independent parish.

Churches are very important places of prayer for their followers. When observing churches, please follow proper etiquette such that everyone can feel comfortable in the churches. A guide for church etiquette can be found here.


Address 857-4413 長崎県南松浦郡新上五島町今里郷495-2
Hours of Operation Observation hours: 9 AM - 5 PM
1. Observation may not be possible during mass or other ceremonies.
2. Doors may be locked at certain times / days
Price Free, but contributions to the church's donation box are appreciated
Access 30 minutes from Arikawa Port / Narao Port


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