Firefly Festival in Shinkamigoto

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A truly enchanting experience.

Held from May 25th (Saturday) - June 9th (Sunday) for the year of 2024

The arrival of fireflies signals the beginning of summer.
After the sun sets, they arise from the riverside, glowing, and dance in the dark of night. The sight alone is enchanting.

During this period, there will be no events or vendors, but the viewing areas will be maintained and the parking lot will be attended. Enjoy the gleaming lights of the slowly glistening genjibotaru and the quickly flickering himebotaru.

Viewing Guidelines
● Fireflies are delicate beings that dislike bright areas. Please avoid suddenly flashing them with smartphone camera flashes or flashlights.
● As this event takes place at night, please stay quiet to avoid bothering the locals.
● Watch your step when walking close to the river.

Other Warnings
● Fireflies are a part of nature. Viewing conditions may vary based on the weather.
● Parking space is limited. Carpooling is recommended.
● There are no restrooms in this area.


Parking 35 spots (Free parking)
Access From Aokata, head toward Aokata Port. Take the first left after the bridge past the former Aokata Port Terminal building, towards the Aiko bus stop. Continue straight down this road to reach the parking lot.
Note The suggested viewing time is between 7 to 9 PM.
Reservation 0959-42-0964 (Four Seasons Kamigoto)


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