Tsutsukihama Swimming Beach (つつきはまかいすいよくじょう)

The most beautiful white sand beach on Iki Island with a total length of approximately 600 meters

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This is the most beautiful natural beach on Iki Island. A cobalt blue ocean with an outstanding degree of clearness extends out here. Please try walking barefoot on the beach with its smooth white sand! Snacks and drinks are sold in a beach hut here in the summer. You can even rent parasols and swimming floats. You can also have fun with jet skiing, banana boating and other popular activities. Please relax on the beautiful beach and enjoy the activities available.

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Address 811-5203 長崎県壱岐市石田町筒城東触1916-1
TEL 0920-48-1130(Iki City Tourism Division)
Parking Parking lot available
Access 10 minutes by car from Indoji Port
20 minutes by car from Gonoura Port and Ashibe Port
Website Tripadvisor
Note Restroom, shower and shop available
Lifeguards stationed during the summer

The adjacent facility comprises camping grounds, a barbecue area, tennis courts, and so forth.
Multiple beaches line this winding cove for 4 kilometers, or almost 2.5 miles, beginning with Tsutsukihama and continuing south to Miyanohama, Tōsehama, Ōhama, Otoshimanohama, Komatsuhama, Kohama, and Nishikihama. Of these, Tsutsukihama, Ōhama, and Nishikihama have become the top 3 must-see beaches today.
It is said that a castle called Tōsenjō once stood on a small peninsula located between the Tōsehama and Ōhama beaches. It is also the location of Ōkubo Archaeological Site, where a stone coffin was found containing human bones from approximately 1,500 years ago.



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