Breweries Tour Festival in Arie

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The town of Arie in Minami-Shimabara has flourished since the old times whilst being known as the “place of the village headman”. Arie’s sake & miso breweries, somen noodle factories and brick factories are part of the town’s industrial heritage. Many shrines, temples and Christian tombstones found in this area prove its historical heritage. All in all, this town preserves an old and nostalgic atmosphere where you can experience a time slip.
The aim of the “Breweries Tour Festival in Arie” is to hand down this heritage to future generations whilst revitalizing the local economy. This event features fresh made sake tasting, a display of the girl’s festival doll decorations in spring and a classical concert in autumn, a tour of the breweries and their gardens, treasure hunting, a lottery and more.


Address 長崎県南島原市有家町一帯
TEL 0957-82-2032(ありえ蔵のまち保存会(吉田屋内))


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