Arie Hamankora Beach Festival

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During the day beach volleyball players “warm up” the atmosphere with their exciting tournament. Stalls offer local specialties, such as somen noodle tasting.
In the late afternoon, Arie junior high school students perform a soranbushi dance (traditional work song of Hokkaido herring fishery workers, performed by school students with a modern choreographed interpretation). Hip-hop and belly dance, as well as martial art exhibitions, taiko (traditional Japanese percussion) and other live performances create a festive atmosphere. After the sun sets, the two 10 meter high lantern pyramids next to the stage get lit up and local people carry lantern boats, that will be later released into the water as a symbolic gesture to accompany the spirits of the dead back to the other world. This is the main event of the festival so that’s when most of the townspeople gather. Many of them wear traditional yukata (summer kimono). At the end, about 1500 fireworks are set off into the sky and color the sea, the lanterns around the shore and the music playing along with them create a magical and unforgettable atmosphere.


Address 長崎県南島原市有家町小川957マリンパークありえ
TEL 0957-82-3130(ありえ浜んこら祭実行委員会事務局(JA島原雲仙有家支店内))
FAX 0957-82-0206


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