Nagasaki Kite-flying Tournament (ナガサキハタアゲタイカイ)

Hataage battle, a fight that has been going on since the Edo period, in which the contestants cut off their opponents' kite.

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Get outside and enjoy the fresh air, while watching the swooping and gliding of beautiful kites!

Unlike other kite-flying festivals where flight height determines score, this festival focuses on the skill of cutting opponents’ kite strings. Hence, kites are made with a strong X-frame and diamond shape, and strings are reinforced with traditionally-made fiberglass.

The tournament is believed to have begun around the end of the 18th Century, whilst kite-making is recorded to have been introduced by Indonesian workers (who accompanied Dutch traders) in mid to late 15th century. Originally there were between 200-300 designs, each individually named after their unique pattern. Today only 50 traditional red, blue and white patterns remain, which are still used today.

Tournaments are held in various parks around Nagasaki city on the same day, including Mt. Kazagashira, Mt. Tohakkei, Mt. Konpira and Mt Inasa. At the Tohakkei location, you can enjoy parent-child kite-making workshops and various family-friendly events.


Address 長崎県長崎市唐八景公園
TEL 095-823-7423(一般社団法人 長崎国際観光コンベンション協会)
Contact Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association
Parking No parking is available at the venue.
Please use the parking lot of Atago Jidosha Gakko (500 yen per day).
Shuttle buses will be available between Atago Jidosha Gakuen and Karahakkei Park.
Access A short walk from Touhakkei bus stop.
Take the Nagasaki Bus bound for Touhakkei from the JR Nagasaki Station South Exit bus stop, and get off at the last stop, Touhakkei bus stop, in about 25 minutes.
By car: Approximately 20 minutes from Nagasaki Station.
Dates Early April


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