Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival (ながさきはんせんまつり)

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The Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival first started in April of 2000, with large sailing ships gathered at the Nagasaki Port to celebrate 400 years of trade between Japan and the Netherlands. Since then it has become an annual festival at the Seaside Park in Nagasaki City.

The opening ceremony starts off by having all the participating sailing ships (both Japanese and International ones) lining up and coming into the Nagasaki Port. Events such as sail drills, tours of the ships, and cruises around the port of Nagasaki are some of the highlights of the festival. There are also hands-on classes available such as canoeing, yachting and rope-tying.

In addition to the evening illuminations, there will also be fireworks on the Saturday and the Sunday of the event period.


Address 長崎県長崎市長崎港(長崎水辺の森公園、出島ワーフ周辺)
TEL 095-822-8888(長崎市コールセンターあじさいコール)
FAX 095-829-1232
Dates Usually held on the end of April *November 4 - 5th, 2023


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