Nagasaki Peiron Championship & Port Festival (ながさきぺーろんせんしゅけんたいかい)

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Nagasaki's traditional summer event, with 350 years of history.

14-meter peiron dragon boats with 26 rowers on-board will race over a distance of 1,150 meters, rowing to the beat of drums and gongs.

Over the two-day event, there also will be observation boat rides for spectators, and peiron rowing trials available free of charge.

The Nagasaki Port Festival will be held each evening with music and dance events. An array of food vendors will serve various delicious snacks and meals. At the end of each day, there will be a fireworks display featuring 4000 of fireworks.


Address 850-0921 長崎県長崎市松が枝国際観光埠頭
TEL 095-823-7423(長崎ペーロン選手権大会実行委員会(長崎国際観光コンベンション協会内))
FAX 095-824-9128
Dates July 30th, 2023


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