Hands-on Kanzarashi-Making Experience (かんざらしづくりたいけん)

Experience hand-made kanzarashi, a Shimabara specialty

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You can enjoy a complimentary serving of the most traditional dessert on Shimabara Peninsula Kanzarashi a summer delight similar to glutinous rice balls, which originated in China at the Shimabara Waterhouse in the downtown area of Shimabara. The free rest house located in Koi No Oyogu Machi is a Japanese-style building with a traditional charm, where you can listen to the babbling sounds of their fountain and relax while on vacation. Add water to the Kanzarashi powder, squeeze it into a small ball until it is as soft as the daintiest dough. Add ice water to enhance the taste after it is cooked, and then add sugar water to finish the traditional Shimahara dessert.

An appointment is required for making Kanzarashi in person.


Address 長崎県島原市新町2-122
TEL 0957-62-8102
Hours of Operation 9:00–17:30
Menu serving hours: 10:00–16:00
Closed Open all year round


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