Ryutosen Gorge & Ryutosen Falls (リュウトウセン)

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Ryutosen is a gorge with 48 waterfalls and deep pools along Chiwata River. Ryutosen meaning “Dragon Head Spring” in Japanese, was named by a Confucian scholar named Tanso Hirose in the Edo Period. When he visited this area at the invitation of the Omura Lord, he was impressed with the beauty of the gorge and described it as if a giant dragon was laying here, and hence the name of Ryutosen.

Near Ryutosen Falls, there is a large recreation ground (10 hectares) with sports facilities (e.g. tennis court, roller skating arena), playground equipment, wooden cabins, a dog run, and many more. This is a great place for friends and families to visit on a hot summer’s day.


Nearby Sightseeing Spots

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