Omura Flower Festival

Omura is filled with flowers from spring to early summer.

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Omura Park is home to some of Japan's national natural monuments: around 2,000 Omura Sakura cherry trees which bloom from late March to early April as well as about 30,000 Japanese irises, which blossom between late May and mid June. Often packed with visitors, the park will be lit up with romantic lighting during this season. Also, from early April to early May, some 5,800 rhododendrons in 45 different varieties from all over the world are featured at the Uraminotaki Garden alongside the impressive 30-meter waterfall.


Address 長崎県大村市玖島1丁目43(大村公園)
TEL 0957-52-3605((一社)大村市観光コンベンション協会 )


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