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The Nomozaki Narcissus Festival is held annually in Suisen-no-Sato Park, in the Nomozaki district at the tip of the Nagasaki Peninsula. The slightly elevated park offers a great view of the beautiful ocean surrounding Nomozaki and the island of Hashima (also known as Gunkanjima, or 'Battleship Island'), amid the splendor of around 10 million daffodils in full bloom. The scent of the daffodils, which is carried on the salty sea breeze, has been chosen as one of the "100 Scents of Japan" by the Ministry of the Environment. The festival is a feast for the eyes and the nose!


Address 長崎県長崎市野母町568-1(長崎市野母崎総合運動公園内)
TEL 095-893-1111(野母崎水仙まつり実行委員会)
Dates JAN 13 - JAN 28, 2024


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