Katsumoto Morning Market (かつもとあさいち)

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A morning market opens here at Katsumotoura district every day, from around 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Tourists can mingle with the locals to shop for fresh products from both land and sea while enjoying conversations with the vendors. This market originated approximately 400 years ago in the form of bartering, when farmers laid out their agricultural produce and fishermen’s families brought processed fish and squid, and these were traded along the street. 
Whaling once flourished in this district of Katsumotoura, and remnants of the prosperous local whaling organization called Kujira Gumi can be still seen around the neighborhood today. Another characteristic of this neighborhood is how each house is connected to the next by single walls in between.

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Address 811-5501 長崎県壱岐市勝本町勝本浦204
Hours of Operation 7:00~11:00
Access 30 minutes by car from Gonoura Port
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