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At Watatsumi, you can enjoy fresh fish sourced directly from Iki’s Gounoura and Katsumoto Fishing Cooperatives.
It is a Japanese restaurant with 60 seats where you can enjoy carefully selected seasonal sashimi, with many varieties caught near Iki. Here you can also try “Mizuage Honmaguro”, or bluefin tuna, prized as the highest quality of tuna. The specialty of the restaurant is “uni” or sea urchin, which is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality at their processing facility. They also have a souvenir shop onsite that sells many popular local souvenirs such as Iki Shochu and Iki salt.


Address 811-5501 長崎県壱岐市勝本町勝本浦201
TEL 0920-42-2345
FAX 0920-42-1038
Note Credit cards available


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